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Kia Forum Rebrand


The Ask:

In 2022, KIA rebranded The Forum in Inglewood, CA, to the KIA Forum. For their physical signage, we were asked to help KIA accomplish this.

The greatest challenge was the graphics for the roof. The standard material needed would not arrive in time, and KIA needed an alternative option that would last. That’s where our expertise comes in.


Our Solution:

We developed all new signage that elevated KIA’s brand while ensuring it would last for years.


When it came to executing the roof logo, our production team developed an alternate option that was readily available and, ultimately, less costly. With the new material, we were able to create Kia’s logo larger-than-life on The Forum roof for all above to see.



The Result:

Both on time and lower budget, Kia was excited about the project’s results - allowing them to make their mark on The Forum.

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